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About our Company

Great Deals Distributions Inc. is an Import and Export Company based in Florida. We wholesale, manufacture and distribute different clothing and underwear for men's and women's imported from South America. Our main goal it's to deliver excellent products and service to our customers. Please take a few minutes and register online, then wait until this registration is reviewed from our staff. Once you account is activated you will be able to see our wholesale prices, check our inventories, download the images and place orders.

Soft materials in classic designs make Private Structure a versatile a ...(+)
Private Structure 2018-1

Soon If you enjoy a fresh pair of underwear ErgoWear 2018-5 is perfec ...(+)
ErgoWear 2018-5

Soft materials and modern designs are part of the new Pikante 2018-2. ...(+)
Pikante 2018-2

Sexy and elegant is the concept of the new JOR underwear; colorful and ...(+)
JOR 2018-5

Take the fun to the pool beach or to hang out on a sunny day with th ...(+)
JOR 2018-4

If you are the kind of guy who enjoy been sexy and naughty PetitQ 201 ...(+)
PetitQ 2018-5

Always offering classic styles but made on extremely comfortable fabr ...(+)
CLEVER 2018-3

Variety of colors soft fabrics comfy elastics different longs for d ...(+)
Unico 2018-3

Always looking to manufacture products with high technology and full c ...(+)
ErgoWear 2018-4

Soon Are you active or you enjoy a nice day of relaxation? No matter ...(+)
JOR 2018-6

A new concept in underwear and activewear arrived at our portfolio; IN ...(+)
INIZIO 2018-1

Are you looking for the perfect underwear that makes you feel sexy? PP ...(+)
PPU 2018-2

Mapale Lingerie has been giving us sexy and beautiful underwear and th ...(+)
Mapale Lingerie 2018-2

Do you want to feel sexy and elegant at the same time? CandyMan 2018-3 ...(+)
CandyMan 2018-3

This collection is elaborated in a soft microfiber and two special pri ...(+)
Joe Snyder 2018-2

We love classic what about you? this new collection is inspired in th ...(+)
JOR B-One 2018-1

The Moldeate brand are garments designed to highlight or disguise spec ...(+)
Moldeate 2018-1

Sexy and sexier is the new Male Power collection featuring products e ...(+)
Male Power - Magic Silk 2018-1

Classic and comfortable designs is what XTREMEN brings on this collect ...(+)
Xtremen 2018-2

If you are the classic but fashion guy type Hawai is the perfect bran ...(+)
HAWAI 2018-1

Are you ready for those hot summer days? Mapale come full of style and ...(+)
Mapale Resort 2018-1

Are you ready to move your whole body and look like a diva at the gym? ...(+)
Vedette 2018-1

Want to look sleek sexy and smooth in your clothes? TrueShapers 2017- ...(+)
TrueShapers 2017-1

Ann Chery has always been characterized by its good quality and innova ...(+)
Ann Chery 2017-1

Feel the lighter side of shapewear when you slip into this collection. ...(+)
Siluet 2017-1

Mapale new pajamas and exercise clothing collection comes full of colo ...(+)
Mapale Active - Lounge 2017-1

It is not only about fashion it s about comfortability and resilientl ...(+)
Pikante 2018-1

To do exercises you need comfortability and freshness that is the plus ...(+)
JOR 2018-2

Are you ready for the summer? JOR swimwear is a collection full of col ...(+)
JOR 2018-3

There are never enough quantities when of underwear refers; that is wh ...(+)
JOR 2018-1

Clever has always the right pair for each man. Inspired in classic des ...(+)
CLEVER 2018-2

Unico is a brand with classical styles but colorful and modern fabrics ...(+)
Unico 2018-2

This new FEEL swimwear collection called World Paradise features flora ...(+)
ErgoWear 2018-3

Always one step forward in the art of the underwear PPU comes with mor ...(+)
PPU 2018-1

Because you want to feel sexy all the time Mapale 2018-1 comes this ti ...(+)
Mapale Lingerie 2018-1

Moldeate 2017-2 comes full of color and design. New styles on outwear ...(+)
Moldeate 2017-2

Candyman 2018-2 is a collection full of glamour and style. Sexy styles ...(+)
CandyMan 2018-2

I want to stop and listen to every sight every sound to be able to f ...(+)
Unico 2018-1

Unico 2017-3 is a collection created to give comfort and at the same t ...(+)
Unico 2017-3

Are you ready for the hot summer days and all the activities they brin ...(+)
Mapale Resort 2017-1

Vedette offers a wide range of shape-wear and support garments for any ...(+)
Vedette 2017-1

This year CandyMan comes full of surprises for the guy who wants to be ...(+)
CandyMan 2017-1

This time Clever brings us a collection inspired by old details giving ...(+)
CLEVER 2017-2

All products form this collection have a 30 percent discount. ...(+)
Mapale On Sale