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Great Deals Distributions Inc. is an Import and Export Company based in Florida. We wholesale, manufacture and distribute different clothing and underwear for men's and women's imported from South America. Our main goal it's to deliver excellent products and service to our customers. Please take a few minutes and register online, then wait until this registration is reviewed from our staff. Once you account is activated you will be able to see our wholesale prices, check our inventories, download the images and place orders.

Soon Do you want to feel sexy and attractive? PetitQ 2017-8 brings ne ...(+)
PetitQ 2017-8

Candyman is a brand full of surprises on each piece that they make and ...(+)
CandyMan 2018-1

Unico 2017-3 is a collection created to give comfort and at the same t ...(+)
Unico 2017-3

Modern designs made in comfortable and breathable fabrics is what Cle ...(+)
CLEVER 2017-4

Nothing better than a pair of underwear that make you feel comfy and e ...(+)
HAWAI 2017-2

Always one step forward in the art of the underwear PPU comes with mor ...(+)
PPU 2018-1

Want to look sleek sexy and smooth in your clothes? TrueShapers 2017- ...(+)
TrueShapers 2017-1

Lace fabrics see through fabrics and microfibers complete the super s ...(+)
PetitQ 2017-7

Every time you put on a pair of ErgoWear underwear you feel nothing el ...(+)
ErgoWear 2017-6

Moldeate 2017-2 comes full of color and design. New styles on outwear ...(+)
Moldeate 2017-2

The beach and the pool wouldn’t be the same without a pair of JOR 20 ...(+)
JOR 2017-6

Tired of the same gym clothes? Hurry up because JOR 2017-5 has come wi ...(+)
JOR 2017-5

Because you want to feel sexy all the time Mapale 2018-1 comes this ti ...(+)
Mapale Lingerie 2018-1

This time Pikante present us with a variety of totally hot and impress ...(+)
Pikante 2017-2

JOR 2017-4 has come full of color and style. Models goes from boxers t ...(+)
JOR 2017-4

If you are the kind of man that enjoy doing sports or enjoy a perfect ...(+)
Xtremen 2017-3

Fresh and resistant fabrics are the ones that bring us Mandies in this ...(+)
Mandies 2017-1

Ann Chery has always been characterized by its good quality and innova ...(+)
Ann Chery 2017-1

Feel the lighter side of shapewear when you slip into this collection. ...(+)
Siluet 2017-1

Are you ready for the hot summer days and all the activities they brin ...(+)
Mapale Resort 2017-1

Mapale new pajamas and exercise clothing collection comes full of colo ...(+)
Mapale Active - Lounge 2017-1

Vedette offers a wide range of shape-wear and support garments for any ...(+)
Vedette 2017-1

There is nothing more inspiring than good styles and harmony in colors ...(+)
PPU 2017-1

Hawai 2017-1 is a collection design especifically for the man that is ...(+)
HAWAI 2017-1

You will always feel confident when using a pair or ErgoWear Underwear ...(+)
ErgoWear 2017-5

This year CandyMan comes full of surprises for the guy who wants to be ...(+)
CandyMan 2017-1

JOR 2017-3 comes full of color and printed fabrics it is a place where ...(+)
JOR 2017-3

JOR 2017-2 comes full of color and printed fabrics it is a place where ...(+)
JOR 2017-2

Sensuality loaded with color and design is what presents to us Mapale ...(+)
Mapale Lingerie 2017-2

This collection comes with even more styles that you must have for thi ...(+)
Moldeate 2017-1

Every time you think in something that makes you sexy you must think ...(+)
Pikante 2017-1

JOR 2017-1 comes full of color and printed fabrics it is a place wher ...(+)
JOR 2017-1

Xtremen is the brand that focuses on that man who enjoys his time of r ...(+)
Xtremen 2017-2

This time Clever brings us a collection inspired by old details giving ...(+)
CLEVER 2017-2

When you think in PetitQ your first thoughts are sexy bold Lace Str ...(+)
PetitQ 2017-4

Be delightful with the new Mapale 2016-1 collection; you will be the c ...(+)
Mapale Resort 2016-1

The new collection for JOR 2016-2 Pop Land mixes bright and bold col ...(+)
JOR 2016-2

This time Pikante comes with yummy and exciting printed fabrics giving ...(+)
PIKANTE 2016-2

The 2016-3 Clever collection features behind the usual lineup of sport ...(+)
CLEVER 2016-3

Like the name suggests CandyMan is a veritable candy store of underwe ...(+)